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Tiff Stevenson – Mother, UK Tour

Tiff Stevenson brings her 2019 critically acclaimed solo show ‘Mother’ to venues across the UK later this year. The show premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival’s Monkey Barrell last August before heading to the USA for several sell-out shows in Los Angeles, New York & San Francisco.  

Mother’ is a show about the extreme sport of being a woman. Tiff takes us through conception to delivery on topics such as step parenting, class, reproductive rights, Heisenbergs Uncertainty Principle, men under general anaesthetic and political top trumping. Within it all she seeks the nuance, with as usual a few characters along the way Ben Fogle, Joanna Lumley, The Queen and girls with vocal fry. She delivers the personal, the political and the passionate always and without the help of an epidural!

For more info and to download the press release please click here

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