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The Fizz – ‘Up Close & Personal’ UK Tour – 2020

When you shake up a mixture of winning the Eurovision Song Contest, narrowly escaping death and a backlist of chart topping songs, you get The Fizz.

Since winning the Eurovision Song Contest, as well as a host of other awards, The Fizz have earned a rightful spot in music history, but they’re still making waves to this day with their outstanding, high powered album ‘The F-Z of Pop’ released in 2017, followed by their festive track ‘Christmas With The Fizz’ from 2018.

The powerhouse-pop group are set to burst in 2020 with the release of their highly anticipated album ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ accompanied with a string of 11 UK dates for their ‘Up Close & Personal’ tour. This tour offers exactly what it says on the tin, the band will be sharing dramatic stories and even giving fans the opportunity to ask questions about the groups turbulent career, adding a fantastically unique and intimate element to what will already be a set of incredible performances!

For more info and to download the press release click here.

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