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Meet Wallis Bird on Distract TV

We meet Two-time Irish Meteor Awards winner  Singer-songwriter Wallis Bird, she chats Janis Joplin, new album, ‘Home’ and dream collaborations.
Singer-songwriter Wallis Bird -returns with a new album, ‘Home’, which is out now via Mount Silver Records and Caroline International.

Described as a ‘thank you letter’ to her muse and partner, the album is a collection of songs that encompass a vast range of styles and emotions without ever sacrificing the indelible character at its center. From ‘Change’, which opens the album in a deceptively downbeat fashion before blossoming into something truly joyous, to the serene reflection of the closing ‘Seasons’, via the celebration of friendship at the heart of ‘That Leads The Way’, ‘Seasons’ and the intimate, almost R&B feel of ‘The Deep Reveal’. Wallis Bird appears utterly fearless in the passionate and frenzied ‘Control’, while the album’s title track finds her stripping things right back, singing a cappella in the Irish Sean Nós style.

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