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Music Project Management

Our team has built up a network of over 35 years of music industry contacts though the PR work that we have done. As a consequence over 10 years ago we started our music project management division working alongside artists, labels and managers globally, to guide them and give them all the tools to get their music and maximise exposure in the UK market.

This involves:

Putting together a 12-18 month realistic release strategy with plans and deadlines for deliverables

Managing marketing budgets – spending money wisely

Sourcing, if required, an expert teams that include a social media team, radio or specialist pluggers, TV plugger

Being the hub on all promotion reporting with a fine attention to detail and feedback

Video commissioning ( £2000 upwards)

Photoshoot commissioning – photographer/styling /grooming/hair/make up

Logo and artwork commissioning 

Website commissioning /re skinning 

Finding the right distributor

Helping present to live agents

Securing the right lawyer or accountant 

Price reflected on level of service required, on a per month basis. Minimum 6-8 weeks in advance of release.