Melon Comedy

Lorelei Mathias created and stars in the collective, Melon Comedy. Lorelei is credited with the British Comedy Guide Pro Production Award, BBC Writers Room top 4% and Thousand Films short listers. She published her first novel “Step on it, Cupid” at 25 years old followed by “Lost for Words.” She is writing the TV pilot for her latest novel “Break Up Club” as well as working on her next book about the comedy of being an adult with ADHD.

The Melon Comedy collective releases their Edinburgh TV festival nominated sketch comedy series ‘Batshit’ in three parts weekly from May 2021 on Comedy Sauce. ‘Batshit’ skewers modern love, the climate crisis and mental illness in a mix of live-action and animation. The series is written by Lorelei alongside co-writers Emmy McMorrow, Nat Turton & Steve Cutts. The global cast includes Michael Spicer from the UK, Urvi Majumdar from Australia and many other talented and hilarious actors.