Barney Walsh

Last year Barney was cast as Young Arthur in the Warner Brothers big budget film ‘King Arthur’, directed by Guy Ritchie.  The film, due out in Spring 2017, stars amongst others Charlie Hunnam and Jude Law.  Although this role is his first film role, Barney has appeared on TV shows ‘Doctors’ (BBC1) and ‘Law & Order UK’ (ITV1).

Barney, the son of actor and TV host Bradley Walsh and his wife Miss World stage director Donna Derby, is currently studying at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama on the same course that produced Hollywood stars like Damien Lewis and Ewan McGregor. Walsh decided he wanted to be an actor from 6 years old – he cites actors like Robert De Niro, Leonardo Di Caprio and Aaron Paul as role models. He loves TV shows like ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Dexter’ and Hannibal and the films ‘Stand By Me’, ‘Once Upon A Time In America’ and all the Daniel Craig Bond movies.

 Barney spends his time outside of acting being very active – surfing, skim boarding, scuba diving, rock climbing and boxing training!  He is a keen jazz pianist and also plays the harmonica and the ukulele.  Music is a big passion for him and apart from his love of jazz music listens to artists like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Oasis.

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