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A photo of comedian and actor Fiona Allen, she is stood in front of an orange background and she has long dark hair. She is wearing a denim jumpsuit and is holding two pieces of paper one saying yes and the other saying no

Fiona Allen – Stand Up Debut


Our task was to orchestrate a compelling PR campaign for Fiona Allen, an award-winning comedy actress, as she ventured into new territory—her first-ever stand-up tour and Edinburgh Fringe Festival run. The objective was clear: to establish Fiona’s presence in the stand-up comedy scene, generate buzz for her tour, and ensure a successful debut at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

What We Did:

To tackle this task, we adopted a multifaceted approach. Understanding the importance of pre-promotion, we strategically engaged in targeted outreach to secure coverage in key entertainment and comedy outlets. We leveraged Fiona’s existing reputation as a comedy powerhouse, emphasising her transition into stand-up with unique angles and storylines.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival presented a significant opportunity, and we curated a tailored strategy to maximise Fiona’s presence.

A strategic press release was crafted to capture the essence of Fiona’s comedic journey, emphasizing her transition from actress to stand-up comedian.


The results of our campaign were resounding successes. Fiona Allen’s first-ever stand-up tour garnered extensive coverage across various media platforms, including features in broadsheets, interviews on popular podcasts, and articles in entertainment magazines. The strategic pre-promotion efforts contributed to a heightened level of anticipation, ensuring strong ticket sales and audience turnout for the tour.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival run was a triumph, with Fiona’s performances well-received and highlighted in festival guides, previews, and event listings. Social media engagement soared, with fans and attendees actively sharing their experiences, further amplifying Fiona’s presence in the comedy landscape.

The strategic collaboration with comedy clubs and influencers fostered a sense of community support, enhancing Fiona’s credibility within the comedy circuit. The press release effectively communicated her journey, establishing her as a notable figure in stand-up comedy.

In the end, Fiona Allen’s debut stand-up tour and Edinburgh Fringe Festival run not only met but exceeded expectations. The campaign not only successfully introduced Fiona to the stand-up comedy world but also solidified her position as a versatile and accomplished comedic talent, leaving a lasting impression on both audiences and industry insiders alike.