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Darren Harriott – Dancing on Ice and Beyond


We were tasked with raising Darren’s profile ahead of his time as a contestant of Dancing on Ice and Beyond. The goal was to increase his visibility, connect with his target audience, and ensure that his unique comedic voice stood out in the reality TV landscape.

What We Did

We identified Darren’s strengths and unique selling points, such as his witty observations, storytelling abilities, and likeable personality and pitched exclusive interviews, feature stories, and commentary opportunities to increase his visibility and credibility.

We worked closely with Darren on a photoshoot to ensure maximum coverage and collaborated with a stylist to ensure the images were consistent with his personal brand.


The comprehensive PR campaign for Darren significant success across multiple media platforms, securing extensive coverage and boosting their visibility and reputation. The client’s appearances on prestigious programs such as Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, BBC Radio 4’s “Loose Ends” and BBC Radio 1 Xtra with Ace and Capital Xtra added a level of credibility and recognition. Their participation in various podcasts extended their reach to diverse audiences. In print and online, they were featured in renowned publications like The Guardian and The Express. The campaign effectively generated buzz for our Darren, with features, Q&A sessions, and interviews in national and online newspapers, broadening his fan base and enhancing his image as a sought-after personality.

Our PR efforts extended into a wide array of magazines and websites, including Hello, OK, Best, Broadway Baby, Entertainment Now and various news outlets including Daily Star, The Sun, The Mirror and Mail Online. 

The results of our campaign demonstrated the effectiveness of a multi-faceted PR approach, resulting in a significant increase in the client’s exposure and credibility within the entertainment industry, ultimately leading to broader opportunities and audience engagement.