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  • Alex Edelman

  • Cally Beaton

  • Comedy Women In Print Prize

  • Daliso Chaponda

  • Darren Harriott

  • David Sedaris

  • Glenn Moore

  • a photo of Hal Cruttenden holding a wedding ring

    Hal Cruttenden

  • Helen Bauer

  • Jeff Dunham

  • A photo of comedian Jim Jefferies wearing a black suit and white shirt stood in a desert

    Jim Jefferies

  • Margaret Cho

  • Norris & Parker

  • A picture of Paul Zerdin dressed like a superhero surrounded by his puppets

    Paul Zerdin

  • Sam Morrison

  • SHOWSTOPPER! The Improvised Musical

  • A photo of Sugarcoated Sisters wearing matching pink dresses and holding colourful lollipops

    Sugarcoated Sisters

  • The 2 Johnnies

  • The Noise Next Door

  • Zoe Lyons