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A photo of comedian Alison Spittle. She has curly shoulder length brown hair and is stood in front of a green background wearing a yellow dress and matching flower crown

Alison Spittle

Podcast Queen and award-winning Irish stand-up Alison Spittle! Her chat show podcast ‘The Alison Spittle Show’ has amassed a huge following with guests such as Sharon Horgan, Adam Hills and David O’Doherty and she performsContinue readingAlison Spittle

Comedian and actor Fiona Allen stood in front of a purple background, wearing a red jumper and holding a mug

Fiona Allen

Fiona Allen is the star and co-writer of Emmy and Bafta award winning TV series ‘Smack The Pony’ Fiona’s many other screen credits are extensive and include Dalziel & Pascoe, Coronation Street, Poirot, Eastenders, Casualty,Continue readingFiona Allen

Sam Morrison

Sam Morrison is a Brooklyn based comedian and writer. He just made his late night television debut on Late Night With Seth Meyers and his solo show Sugar Daddy is currently touring worldwide He hasContinue readingSam Morrison

A photo of Sugarcoated Sisters wearing matching pink dresses and holding colourful lollipops

Sugarcoated Sisters

The Sugarcoated Sisters are an award-winning musical comedy duo and real-life siblings from Hertfordshire. Chloe is the blonde, Tabby is the brunette! The Sugarcoated Sisters launched on TikTok in January 2020 and since then haveContinue readingSugarcoated Sisters

A photo of comedian Jim Jefferies wearing a black suit and white shirt stood in a desert

Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies is one of the most popular and respected comedians of his generation, entertaining audiences across the globe with his provocative, belief-challenging, and thought-provoking comedy. He was recently named one of the top fiveContinue readingJim Jefferies

A picture of Paul Zerdin dressed like a superhero surrounded by his puppets

Paul Zerdin

The last few years have been extremely busy for the America’s Got Talent winner, on both sides of the Atlantic. 2016 saw Zerdin head to The Las Vegas Strip for a headline residency at PlanetContinue readingPaul Zerdin