12th January 2018

Creative French collective SKYGGE led by composer, author and producer Benoit Carré assemble a roster of stars including Canadian chart-topper Kiesza and Belgian pop sensation Stromae on their debut album ‘Hello World’, out on 12th January via Flow Records and distributed by IDOL, with its vinyl version to follow up in March.


Composed using Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems and started as a research project called Flow-Machines, ‘Hello World’ is the first multi-artist commercial album using AI technologies to create new, exciting and compelling music. Flow-Machines researchers were developing algorithms to capture and reproduce musical styles, when the huge potential of what eventually became ‘Hello World’, captured the attention of SKYGGE and other musicians who joined the team. Last year saw the release of ‘Daddy’s Car’, a song in the style of the Beatles, as well as the less conventional title ‘Mr. Shadow’, which set the tone of the album. As more musicians joined in and artists took control, what started as a scientific project became a music album.


Hello World’ is not just the first multi-artist commercial album created using AI tools, its unique sound and pop sensibility of its singles makes it a landmark music project not only in the history of technology but also in music creation.







  1. In The House Of Poetry (feat. Kyrie Kristmanson)
  2. Hello Shadow (feat. Kiesza)
  3. Magic Man
  4. Sensitive (feat. C.Duncan)
  5. One Note Samba (feat. The Pirouettes)
  6. Je Vais Te Manger (feat. Sarah Yu Zeebroek & Laurent Bairdanne)
  7. Cryyyy
  8. Cake Woman (feat. Camille Bertault & Mederic Collignon)
  9. Ballad Of The Shadow
  10. Whistle’s Theme
  11. Multi Mega Fortune (feat. Michael Lovett)
  12. Valise (feat. The Pirouettes)
  13. Mafia Love
  14. Paper Skin (feat. JATA)
  15. Cold Song (Purcell)