August, 2017

Impressive PR’s own Mel Brown at the Going Global and Big Sound music conferences

We are thrilled to announce that Impressive PR’s own Mel Brown will be a speaker at the Going Global music summit and the Big Sound conference this weekend and next week! On Friday September 1st she will be on the ‘Listen to Me’ panel. Which is all about getting your music heard and creating strategies to entice media to pay attention to your releases and publicity. Saturday September 2nd she will be discussing the power of playlists, a panel that is all [read more]

Album art "Woodland Echoes"

Nick’s long awaited new album ‘Woodland Echoes’ is officially out today on Gladsome Hawk Records

Get it here: Recordings for what would become Nick’s ninth album started in his son Oliver Heyward’s studio, continued in award-winning producer and engineer Ian Shaw’s boat-studio in Key West, Florida and were completed back in the UK at The Who and Oasis’ drummer Zac Starkey’s recording studio. The album was affected by Florida’s abundant beauty and Nick’s passion for the natural world, making ‘Woodland Echoes’ an album of exceptional warmth and intimacy, that sounds - as he says [read more]